Bristol to Minneapolis – Mista Trick and Riff Kitten: SB005


£4 for the whole album or £1/track

The latest release on event brand turned label Swing & Bass sees the original Swing Drum & Bass pioneer, Bristol based Mista Trick & Minneapolis based rising star Riff Kitten link up to put out arguably their finest work to date.

The EP showcases the raw talent of each of these producers and seamlessly combines Jazz influences and Drum & Bass together with heavyweight production.

I’ll Be There For You opens the release with class. The track takes a classic Drum & Bass snare and Junglist whirring bassline, which combine effortlessly with pitched down vocals from the sublime Alanna Lyes. The jazz piano and emotive brass lines tie it all together to create a premium listening experience.

Feelin It starts with an instantly catchy brass melody, which sits perfectly alongside the whipping bassline and powerful vocals of Harriet Hayes. This track has a really fresh sound that stands out!

Played Out pays homage to Nas in the most classy way possible. Junglist drums and breaks layered over a grooving bassline played by a live double bass, blended with elegant piano and subtle brass with raw vocals from the Bristol based Trafic MC.

Recognize’s swinging drum rhythm and banging yet classy bassline perfectly showcases what the Swing & Bass sound is about. It remains true to the smooth jazz theme of the EP whilst still closing off the release with a proper dancefloor stomper!

Riff Kitten’s original jazz brass lines tie the whole EP together with sublime elegance and class that melds perfectly with Mista Trick’s UK Drum & Bass influence.